I am Hanna 22 years old from Norway 
Im a total booknerd other than books I like to try other things like painting, drwaing, writng, singing
Im also a Christian and proud of it

My Favorit Books
1 The holy Bibel
2 Twilight Saga
3 Harry Potter
4 Blood Red and Midnight Blue
5 Vampire Diaries
6 The Hungergames
7 Beautiful Creatures
8 Nania

My Favorit Musik artist - Song
Taylor Swift - Safe and Saund, we are never ever geting back together - Christmas most be something more - Eyes open - Love Story and the rest of them
Lisa Børud - The Party - Kjempefest - Prinsessen Din - Join in a Song and al the others
Adele - Some one Like you - Roling in the deep - Skayfall
songs were the lyrics men something
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HannaDrengsrudDahl HannaDrengsrudDahl Nov 13, 2012 07:18PM
@foreverpurple1000 my background is my home town Drammen in Norway oh me too Love twilight
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Annabelle The vampires pet

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Description: this is a story about how it is and be a vampire's pet I've read a story with the same idea but I do not copy this is my story about Annabelle The Vampire pet I write this in English but i'm going to writh it...


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Annabelle vampyrens kjeledyr

Annabelle vampyrens kjeledyr

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this is the norwigan version of Annabelle The vampire pet

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