Hi, I'm Hanna. I'm that awkward weird girl you all know, but avoid. My life is spent on the internet (Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, and now here). I may or may not be posting stories, it depends on if I have the time and I think it's good enough to be viewed by others. I'm musically talented and I sing a lot. I also tend to read paranormal or other worldly things, which of course have a little romance in them (for example: Paranormalcy, The Hush Hush series, and Maximum Ride) . I honestly don't read a lot, but I'm excited to read people's stories. I'm 15, I listen to Rock, Metal, Classics, and bands a lot of people probably don't know about (hipster right). And I'm bad at talking about myself. I'm also obsessed with ranch. I know, who is like that? xD And I'm pretty big on correct grammar. Anyways this is too long and I don't know what else to say so uhm, bye I guess.
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