Eileen(: (Pronounced "I-Lean") is my name, but you, (yes you), can call me Ellen! I live in California with my parents. I also, have three older brothers, but I was supposed to have four - of what I've heard. I'm african american, but who isn't? (Fact: Did you know EVERYONE orginated from Africa?) And also, Mexican - but I guess I don't look like it. 
Black hair, and dark brown eyes (doctors thought they were black, but you can't have black eyes.) Um, I was seven months instead of the full nine months.
I'm fourteen years young(x
And I'm sure, your getting tired of reading this, eh? Haha.. Well, theres not much more to put, other than the random facts about me! Aren't you excited?

R A N D O M | F A CT S
Favorite color:Green&&Blue
I'm a sophomore
Ballerina here! *points toe and does a leap in the air*
Never had a boyfriend
Has been writting since the age of eight
Uh, I <3 rainbows. But who doesn't? If you don't <3 rainbows, your lame.

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HalloRaiinbow HalloRaiinbow Jun 19, 2012 04:39PM
I'm so sorry everyone that is been waiting on some kind of update. Its summer so I will start updating more. I feel bad for being gone so long. Anyways, yeah. 
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