I'm going to keep it real simple (though i'm known to talk a lot), so here goes......
My name is Debbie,
I live in London,
I am a Christian
My favourite genre of books: ROMANCE!
I'm a sucker for love :) (seriously..)
I love music, reading, singing, writing, sleeping and watching tv.
If you love romance like me, check out my book: Head Over Stilettos for my boss... (it's under this section), and please vote and comment. I would love to hear what you think.

Targets on Wattpad:

{2000 votes} [X]
{4000 votes} [X]
{6000 votes}

{200 fans} [X]
{300 fans} [X]
{500 fans}

{200,000 reads} [X]
{400,000 reads} [X]
{600,000 reads}

Hopefully, I'll reach those aims and make new targets!
You can make that wish come true :)
Thanks for reading this. Hope I didn't talk too much.

P.S If ever you are bored or you wanna talk to someone and I happen to be online, do talk to me! I am a friendly person....at least I think I am (haha)...No, I am.
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Head over Stilettos for my boss...

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