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Sunday - Pieces of Us
Monday - Black & Blues
Tuesday - Beyond the Pain or Escaping Reality
Wednesday - Danes Brothers
Thursday - A Call to Love or Heart & Soul
Friday - Anerathian Princess or Spirit Warrior
Saturday - Danes Brothers

DISCLAIMER: I try to make certain points in each of my stories. If there is something that seems off to you, point it out so I can either fix it or clarify what I was trying to say in that section. There are some details that I add to make a story believable, and I base it on things I have learned in my personal life. Nothing you read of mine is meant to be taken as an offense. If you don't like what you read, don't read it. And all my work are rough drafts, there will be mistakes, if I did not already try to edit them out. I am also dyslexic. At times, letters and numbers become jumbled. I mix up dates and misspell words all the time. I have to check at least seven times before feeling like I might be on the safe side.

Favorite books: Cherry Hill Series by @RonEstrada
People to admire: @PienPouwels @tsinclair1 @Toobigofadreamer @khalle @andiecarstairs

Nothing Between Us - #287 in ChickLit 5/30/16
Mother's Love - #56 in Spiritual 5/5/15
Saved (Short Story) - #61 in Spiritual 11/17/15
Found - #48 in Spiritual 8/4/16
What Faith Can Do - #984 in Spiritual 5/11/16
Zvezda - #272 in Historical Fiction 5/9/16
Tsvetok - #355 in Historical Fiction 7/4/16

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--██-- Put this on
--██-- your Wall
█████-if you're not
--██-- embarrassed
--██-- to tell others
--██-- that you
--██-- believe in God

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HaddieHarper HaddieHarper Sep 19, 2017 07:33PM
I decided to post this chapter today, because I know I will not have electrical power tomorrow, and possibly the day after. So I hope you enjoy this chapter <3
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