My name is Leo, my zodiac is also Leo, which I find hilarious. I'm fourteen years old, AKA, a freshman in high school, which is a Catholic school called St. Mary's. No, I'm not Catholic. But, yes, I believe in their teachings. I have no hate for anyone's religious backgrounds, because, hey, who am I to judge? 

Currently, my favorite anime is Ghost Hunt, my favorite book is Magnus Chase And The Sword Of Summer, and my favorite game is Mystic Messenger. My favorite character in Ghost hunt is John Brown, my favorite character in Magnus Chase And The Sword Of Summer is Hearthstone, and my favorite character in Mystic Messenger is Saeyoung.

I really enjoy reading/watching fantasy and adventure, but when the occasional good sci-fi comes around, I'm pretty down for it.

Okay, just a quick warning about me; I may seem really chill and whatnot, but I am anything BUT chill. I kid you not, I fangirl harder than anyone I've ever met.
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