Hello there, Wattpad.
I'm clearly not on this website enough anymore- who suddenly read AOTKF??
I will finish it, I swear.
Anyway, there isn't much to say to be truthful with you; I'm not here enough to merit a lengthy biography... :/
Never mind.
See you around, readers and writers!
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A Random Rant At Nothing

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Description: Hehehee! So, you found my rants; well done! I think... You decide on that. Anyway, hello, fellow wattpadian! I bet you're wondering why I rant here on Wattpad. Sometimes, I wonder too... Well, I do write actua...


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Green Apples and Glasses of Water

Green Apples and Glasses of Water

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Attack of the Killer... Furby?

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It's BECAUSE you look like Justin Bieber that I don't like you.
Err... me, writing poetry?

Err... me, writing poetry?

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Story Reading List