Hi. So you've managed to stumble upon my channel  Here are some tv/movies shows I watch and totally fangirl over:
The 100
Vampire diaries
Young Justice coughbirdflascough
Gravity Falls
The Originals

That "gay boy" in the hallway,
The "emo girl" in Chemistry,
The"fat kid" in gym,
The kid in band who's thing his hardest,
The 5th grader with autism,
The teacher that has to use a wheelcair,
The short boy in our class,
The popular girl that has the perfect life,
The "cool boy" who plays baseball,
The nerd who wrote stories in the back of the class and doodles all day long,
The people who are at home typing this into their bio,
I stick up for them, so why aren't you? And guess what?
That "gay boy",he is now happily married to a boy,
The "emo girl", she became a fashion designer who designed emo clothing,
That "fat kid",
The kid in band,they became one of the most famous bands in the US,
The 5th grader, they became a high class business man/woman,
The teacher, he fought for our contry,
The short boy, he is one of the tallest people in our world,
The "popular girl", she was being abused at home and now she has a family and wants a normal safe life for her children,
The "cool" boy, his mother died from cancer and now he's helping find a cure,
The nerd, she's now a top selling fiction novelist and illustrates children's books and her own,
The people at home who are typing into this bio, the people who care enough to stick up to these people, that's who are the real superheroes in life.
Repost if you're against bullying.
🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 L G B T+ safe zone
I except everyone. I support everyone and I can give you advice. Ask me questions and I'll try to answer them. You can talk to me about anything.These are my only rules:
•Please no swearing
•Please no being mean or criticizing people
•Please no inappropriate stuff
That's all for now folks!
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