Welcome to my life...

Thank y'all so much for the support on my stories. It truly means a lot to me.

I'm in college, so I'm very busy now. Sorry for the lack of life from me on here, LOL >_< I have a TON of other stories that I have started and yet have not completed. I'd love to get those posted one day:)

Adult/ young adult fiction is my favorite.

I make my own book covers and trailers! Need a cover? I'd be more than glad to receive an inbox/ request.

If you see any of my stories or "ideas" used in other websites or other stories, here on Wattpad, it isn't me, so please let me know if you suspect anything. I honestly do not think it's fair for someone to steal another's ideas and call it their own. It's called Plagiarism...and I am quite serious on that issue...don't mess around.
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The Boy Who Blackmailed Me.

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Description: What do you think happens when this dare-devil jock of your school ends up with something that belongs to you . . . something that holds your deepest, most embarrassing secrets? What happens when he holds it...

4 Parts - Completed

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Story Reading List

Story Reading List