Hey there! My name is Alex and I'm an 18 year old boy from Wisconsin. I recently came out to my family so I'm finally able to bring boys home and that is the most exciting thing in my life right now. I start college in fall (not sure what I'm wanting to do), and I'm currently a shift manager at Little Caesars. I enjoy playing video games (Resident Evil, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect are my fav series, and I'm obsessed with League Of Legends(I'm Gold IV)), hanging/partying with friends, and that's basically all I do. 

I'm just about finished with high school and I'll finally be getting my short stories back for my writing class, so I'll be able to post some on here!

pardon the username, I made this back when I made my twitter in 2011 and boys that were directioners were unheard of... I don't have the heart to change it though, haha

Check out my tumblr...

Ziam will forever be my OTP :(
Also, I'm not really all that into One Direction anymore, I still love their music and that'll never change but I don't dedicate my life to run a blog about them anymore...

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omg hi guys! I haven't checked this out in a while and I just want to say, it's amazing seeing such amazing feedback and stuff! I'll admit I'm not obsessed with one direction anymore, I'll always lo...
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