First of all why are you reading this? Are you a pedophile?? ARE YOU GOING TO STALK/RAPE/SHOOT ME?????
Secondly, assuming you're not a pedo and that you care...
I'm an actress, a guardo, ex saxophone player, and awesome.
I can and will bite you with a spoon, or a spork cus they have teeth. Hit me up on my cell: 9 1 1

I guess I started writing when I was little but I only started getting decent recently. I upload when I upload it's that simple, I'm not gonna give you a schedule or anything, why you ask? It's too much effort (Universal excuse)

"Fearlessness isn't being 100% unafraid it's being absolutely terrified and jumping anyways." ~Taylor Swift"No, that's bravery. Fearlessness is being too stupid to know that you're afraid." ~My aunt

I'll read anything that's Romance/Humor/Teen Fiction and I'll comment if it's good. BUT it has to be good and if I love it I probably won't stop reading to comment until the most recent chapter, begging you to upload. If you do have requests, PM me or post them on my message board.

LINKS: <= MFB trailer <33 <= facebook page <= tumblr!!! (sneak peaks and more!!) <= ask me questions and I will answer!!!

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Guardo_4_Eva Guardo_4_Eva Nov 13, 2014 03:00AM
If I delete the last paragraph in MFB it is a stand alone story. Suck My Lollipop would no longer be necessary but I would write it anyway as an Action/Post-Apocalyptic thing where you would get to l...
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Description: Chastity had a pretty normal life. Between friends, school, family and dealing with breakouts she certainly didn't have time for a boyfriend. That of course did nothing to stop the school creep from asking her...

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