I am a Chaotic Wattpad mom uwu

"What is the one thing I told you not to do tonight? Dip: Raise the dead..
And what did you do? Dip: Raise the dead...*sigh*"

I'm a multi-fandom piece of Trash:

I love VINE, TikTok is ok (BOOMER), Dam PJO, Star Wars, Star Trek, STRANGER THINGS, A Of S.H.I.E.L.D, MARVEL, Power Pack (The comics), Harry James frikin Potter, and Way too many animes, Webtoon, Wattpad(Ok, DUH), Minecraft, Roblox(Do those count?), APHMAUUUUUUUUU(Have seen EVERY. SINGLE. VIDEO.), Sanders Sides~(VINES lead me everywhere), Super Nintendo(That probably doesn't count either). DOKI DOKI, UNDERTALEEEEEEEE.

@Xfinity_Child & @Tributed12jlaw MAH FAVORITE CHILDS!!! I AM SO PROUD OF THEM.
And If you DARE be rude to them I will come over there and cast fireball up yo GODSDAM NOSE YOU UNDERSTAND? BE nice to my childrens, and if you are airport security- I can explain

@Mayoori1 is my Senpai/Queen (PLEASE PRAISE HER)

Ginny Weasley is my other senpai(She isn't on Wattpad sadly tho)

@PuffzChase Is an ANGEL! SHE'S SO AMAZINNGGGG (She was the first ever Wattpad I read, my first comment, First BL, first SOLANGELO, first Percy Jackson fanfic, first fanfic. AND SHE'S THE BEST)

@Annabeth_Jackson_12 Is a darling so go check her out too! *Waves arms like spaghetti*


Remember! Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye!

LiNkS iN thE deScrIpTion BellOW dOn't foRgEt to LikE anD suBscRibe For MorE
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WHERE IS hAMBURGER CHILD?! I mean.. ali-is-my-name97
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