When I get an idea, it takes a hold of me, it can occupy my thoughts for the majority of a day or sometimes even years. I have so many ideas and now is the time to get them out before I forget them. A saying someone told me long ago, "No memory lasts as long as faded ink." or something along those lines! So here I am.

I believe music is very powerful and emotional. It can speak thousands of words, especially if it's just with instruments alone and no vocals at all. I don't listen to a lot of music but from time to time I will hear a song and it will instantly give me an idea for a new story or material for an existing idea. Music is my inspiration!

I love acting and movies! When it comes to acting, I've only dipped my toe in the water, haha! If I could change things this instant, acting would be my full time gig. There's nothing like being apart of bringing a story to life through your acting. It's even more fun to play characters that are totally different than who you normally are. My stories have always come to me visually though so I've always expected them to be told in the form of a TV series or movie. Wattpad is my only way of getting my stories out there!

I hope that my stories will inspire you!
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Story by Gregory Anthoney Smith
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PROJECT element
With a battle looming on the horizon that is set to shake the foundations of the Earth, Raye Litehart; the on...