Hello kind person who is taking the time to read my profile! Welcome to all things awesome ;D I am currently finished with the first draft of my novel "The Angel's Sacrifice". It is my "pride and joy" as they say (whoever 'they' is) and I have spent almost a full year nurturing it into something decent. If you have a chance, please read a chapter or two and let me know what I can do to make it better.
But enough about that-- let's talk about me!
I am currently in high school and *loving* every minute of it (hint: extreme sarcasm). I play field hockey, soccer and, shockingly, I run for fun (isn't that a crazy notion?). I have tried writing many books, all of them failing to ever reach the second chapter, but it's ok because those failures happened before I was ten. I have to have a cup of hot chocolate before I write a story or a chapter and most of the time it's spiked with peppermint. Oh, and I am a Classic Disney freak. I can quote pretty much any movie fitting that category.
That's about all you need to know about me, so enjoy clicking about my profile!
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GreekStarGazer commented on Lost Love

Not going to lie: when reading the first stanza I had a sinking feeling that it was going to be another basic poem - same rhyme scheme seen in all beginner poems and subject matter that at best would include allusions to mythology and at worst would be a juvenile attempt at a fantasy love story. However, at the sixth stanza, that feeling fell away. The twist at the end, with the fairy having blue eyes, was by far my favorite. 
      My suggestion to you would be to experiment with more elevated vocabulary and to expand on the structure of your poem.
      Overall, I think you're off to a pretty good start!