I speak fluent in sarcasm
I Am sucky author but have great ideas in my head I just can't write them down

I'm extremely clumsy and Weird not to mention Odd

Oh and did I say... A total bookworm

My favorite series is Percy Jackson beware I make A LOT of references.

Did I mention Mango Cheese yet? No? Welp Magnus Chase is also now my top favorite book series...

Music and Books are basically my life
I like a lot more of the 'Old' songs they just have more meaning and all

Favorite song is currently All I want, by A Day to Remember

"You know to keep your hopes up high and your head down low"

Favorite shows and fandom and life is is Superwholock... Yep, I'm Superwholocked..



"The cat whiskers come from within"

Anime? Anime.


I'm also a Sucker for Quotes favorite one right now is:

"The only difference between you and me, is when you wake up, your nightmare ends"

I'm the Happy positively, positive person, who is actually fighting off her depression on the inside.

And oh, Isn't anxiety just fun?

I do my best to look and act happy but am dying on the inside each day is becoming more of a struggle.

I also currently have a tiny.. Obsession with Bad Boy story's right now... IT'S ONLY SMALL WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!!! (And now prinxiety)

So now you probably know more about me than my Family now. Wow that's sad....


Hey, you, Yeah you.

Your best friend that you joked to about her being fat, she's currently fighting off her depression and anorexia.

The girl you called stupid, her Parents beat her when she doesn't get 100% on a test

The boy you bullied earlier? He's on suicide watch.

The boy you called lame and a nerd for not going to a party, he just got out of rehab.

The girl you made fun of for crying, her little brother just died

Be carful what you say. You never know what's going on in a persons life, one word can end it all.
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