Hey, I first started writing after reading the Lord of the Rings over a decade ago and wondering what would happen after Lord of the Rings. (I know it's in the appendix but I was fourteen or so and didn't care to read through them all) I started writing my own story about the Lotr characters being transported to our world and me and my friends having to deal with them and try to get them back to Middle Earth. It only lasted a few chapters before I got tired of it. I had fun while it lasted. I had a few more attempts with other stories after that. One I finished (900 pages later) had an author look at it, he said it was good but could use a few touch ups here and there. Started re-writing it on my old laptop. It crashed. I didn't back it up. Lost everything. Didn't write for a few years until about five-ish years ago when I decided to go at it again.  Here's to hoping I can keep it going!
Please feel free to read some of my stories and I'll take criticism, so long as it's constructive and not just trolling. I'll do the same for you too! Minus the trolling...
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GreatGustav GreatGustav Oct 21, 2017 04:16AM
Cutting it close but here it is, Friday update time! A Tale that Dawned gets Chapter 17: Dark Paths. In this one, Selvina takes a pleasant walk in the woods. Yup, that's all that happens. Enjoy!
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A Tale That Dawned [Book 4 of Selvina's Tale series] by GreatGustav
A Tale That Dawned [Book 4 of Selvina's Tale series] Fantasy
The war in Faeryum wages on as Selvina and her companions wait for winter to end before King Arthur's army marches on to engage Empress Rhiannon's forces. The wait is not as peaceful as they assumed it would be, ho...
A Tale That May Come [Book 3 of Selvina's Tale series] by GreatGustav
A Tale That May Come [Book 3 of Selvina's Tale series] Fantasy
War, adventure, magic, legend, and challenges like no other await the heroes in the third installment of the Selvina Tales. Together once again, Selvina, Jack, Red, Captain Hook, Cindy, and the others sail their wa...
The Eagle and the Setting Sun by GreatGustav
The Eagle and the Setting Sun Historical Fiction
455 A.D. The eternal city of Rome burns. In the chaos, one family of Romans flees the city and heads East to possible salvation. Further north, two soldiers named Titus and Cato, bound to the family by blood and vo...
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