Hello! My name is 'Graciex'. Please ignore the 'x' at the end, it's kind of my signature thing.

I don't know about you but I LOVE σиє ∂ιяє¢тισи ( DIRECTIONER )


sixteen years old. I live in LA. Dancing is my passion. I'm really really short, just saying.

I have a thing for pineapple juice and brownies. Like, who doesn't?

Like dancing, singing is also my passion. One day i wanna be a star, like Taylor Swift (LOL)

Music is what keeps me alive (and food)

If you follow me, I'll definitely follow back.

If i follow you and you don't follow me then i officially hate you. (I'm joking, it's up to you)

Message me anytime!! I'm always free so just send me a message :)

Want me to read your books, vote, comment, just post a message on my message board and i will do it :)

Follow me on twitter: @ ziallmyloves

Random facts about me:

I hate vegetables

I love purple

I love Harry Potter

After i finish writing a message to someone, i always put an 'xo' at the end.

I'm single (no surprise there)

I love teen fictions and romance stories (if u know any good books, do tell me on my message board.

I have short-ish hair

I love scary movies

I prefer chocolate over vanilla ( #sorrynotsorry )

I have a weird obsession over a book about bad boys, popularity and all that stuff.

Well that's it. :)

See u around xo
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