hey I'm not really good at this but here it is 
I like the write poems and read I cut myself once I stopped after that cause I didn't want my little sis to find me dead I think I cared about her way to much to want her or any one else to find me I lost it when one of my best friends died when I was 10 that when I cut myself and I started to blame his death on myself I felt like it was my fault for four year I stopped talking to my family I close myself from the world that's when my depression started I'm opening up a little at a time cause I'm still afraid of getting hurt I've been hurt in the past by to many people My name is Jackie and I'm 15

I wrote this:
I've been thinking about my life and how it used to be now I think it time to give it up and say good bye to the past and start living in the present -JET

I like listen to
Black Veil Bride's
Sleeping with Sirens
The Fray and more
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