I would like to point out to all who read my works that I write for myself. Therefor all of my works are wholehearted and thought through. I will rarely do Authors Notes and I DO NOT do filler chapters. I will update on my own accord so that every chapter of every story has a purpose. Decency cannot be rushed. I refuse to do contests and will not tolerate abusive comments. I write to satisfy the affection I feel towards the characters in the novels that I read. Doing this allows me to continue the emotional attachment  that I feel for these characters.  Original works that will eventually surface are outlets to release the unrealistic expectations that I hold for the world around me and will always be some form of Fantasy. (Life has an annoying habit of ruining my unhealthy delusions towards reality) 
I would appreciate support for the work I put into my story's and while requesting updates won't exactly do much, it does inspire to move forward with story's.
So with that said, I hope you can enjoy my efforts.
~Live long and may your Fandom prosper.
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