I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was...
To write them is my real test
To earn fame is my cause
I'll travel across the land, searching far and wide.
These inspirations to understand, the power that's inside.
Writing a book, it's you and me. I know it's my destiny.
Pen and paper are my best friend, in a world we must transcend,
Writing a book, gotta jort em all,
A heart so true, our knowledge will pull us through.
You teach me and I teach you. We shall write a book.
Another wanna be author. Sorry PokeFans I literally massacred the lyrics😂😂.
Big anime fan along with Netflix, Greenday, Breaking Benjamin and Linken Park.
College student and a professor in training.

"It takes no time to bring upon tears in eyes. It takes no time to form a bouquet of lies but to bring the rays of smile from darkened storms and seek the truth from formless forms, in the end the Victor is the one who never gives up."
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