Hello! I'm Deeply, short for my 1st account's username Deeply_Thoughts27. 

If you haven't guessed, I LOVE THE OUTSIDERS AND I'M STILL AND WILL ALWAYS BE CRYING OVER JOHNNY AND DALLY!!!!!!!!!.............. *ugly crying that doesn't really sound like crying*

Feel free to PM me!

I love Dally, but I have a feeling that if I said "back off" or anything else of the kind, no one would listen, so instead let's just try not to fight over him!

I also have a BUNCH of other fandoms, but I'm to lazy to list them and if you want to know you'll just have to check out my main account.

I don't really write fanfics (but if you have a request I'm willing to try as long as it's PG-13) because no way in anything would I EVER be able to write at that standard of the author, but instead I write books that somewhat have the same theme in a way if that makes sense... anyways, none of them are published yet, but I'm working on it. I've been working on commitment skills so I can ACTUALLY FINALLY FINISH a book.

If anyone knows of an Outsiders community (or would be interested in starting one!) please inform me, because I honestly think this is an underrated fandom and it would be so cool if there was one!!!

Ok, thanks for reading my randomness!
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The Journal of Me and My Dog by Gold_Greasers
The Journal of Me and My Dog
Meh. This is just where I have my rants, tags, thoughts, etc. etc. The normal stuff you find in a book like t...
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