So its been uh..4...years? I'm feeling very disturbed. Honestly its ironic. See a while back I posted a book on book ideas, and one of the book ideas was about two hot and cold bipolar people dating? Well uh, awkward, i got diagnosed with bipolar disorder later on, and its not at all like that.... Though that's the only problematic, um thing, i've posted on this website. Too many. Too many. *Hits head on wall* Please forgive me for being ignorant. Though mostly everything on this website is trash and is also painful to read, sorry not sorry XD
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Description: The short tale of self-love, inner-beauty, and finding happiness. I wrote this story when I was 9 years old and had forgotten about it. At 15 years of age I found it one day when I was cleaning my room. I read it and cried as it had really touched...


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