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Ik my pfp is so beautiful right??

I love to talk so don't hesitate to dm me!!
I'm a f*kin romantic so people *takes megaphone* DO SUGGEST ME BOOKS!or KDRAMA?!Please

I have many reading list (I have read 60% of them n still reading) so you can find ur next read!!!!

((Details of reading list at bottom))

Now now few other things about myself *clear throats* I'm a Marvel fan, ARMY(tae-tae) , Potter head ,hopeless romantic , Indian , medical student (pharmacy) I hate maths n physics I love cosmos/space I love to kno facts like anyyyy facts weather it's about human body , animals , nature , space , poop *coughs*.....oops! 😂

My fav authors

Now the it goes
♪ Afternaters( if u kno❤️)
♪ Amazing books (books which I found literally awsm!!They will be with me till my last breath🥺)
♪ Best books (they too are all awsm n I personally recc them)
♪ Bad boys/ Billionaire/ bad-ass ( as the names suggests )
♪ Mafia/ Gangs (as the name suggests as well)
♪ Werewolf (sameee)
♪ Vampire (sameeee lol)
♪ Paranormal (aghh just get it)
♪ Differentish books ( Now this is what I'm talking about!!!! These are so good!!!! Just read them🥺)
♪ Cuteness / innocent( they r freaking cuteeeeee just sooo...yaa u get that😂)
♪ Possessive Bois ( U kno u love them😉 cuz I do)
♪ Steamy🔥( ukno what's this don't u?!😏😉)
♪ Short stories and Indian stories
♪ Then u have books for recc like u kno where people make books of all possible good books they find?! Yeahh like that!!! So if u really didn't get any future read from my 👆 above reading list so u can find them here ....maybe?!!!!😂

Now other than these the remaining reading list are not for u so don't dare to open them☠️🔪 jk!!!😂 U can but u won't find anything useful.....or u may?!!👀

I don't even know why I wrote this detail.....maybe I'm free rn or overall weird!!!😂 But I hope this helps !!!!
So yeah um...
  • probably watching kdrama 👀 wanna join??!
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