you know that girl you called fat - well, she became anorexic. The boy you once called a wimp because he was crying, his mother just died. That kid you cyber bullied, you you wondering why she was never seen on watt pad again that's because she's dead. the girl you called a freak because she was diffrent , yeah, HER, she began self harm because she believed you. that guy with low grades who you taunted for being so stupid - he had ADHD and dyslexia. that girl you insulted - she was diagnosed with severe depression. the boy you shoved in his own locker - he started to skip school just to get away from you.
99% of you wouldn't even bother to read this, but the 1% who did, repost.....this is not from me I got this from @Leo_Valdez_is_life

Why do we sleep through church but stay awake for a 3 hour long movie?
Why is it hard to pray but easy to cuss?
Why is it hard to repost a godly-post but easy to repost mean ones?
Why can people worship a celebrity but not god?
Gonna ignore this? Afraid to get laughed at?
The lord said
If u deny me in front of your friends i will deny you in front of my father.
Repost this if you don't deny the lord. I bet 99.9% of you won't

Put this on your wall if you believe in god #Anglearmygd

Put this on your page if your not embarrassed to tell others you love god

I always follow back and if I don't say thank u 4 following me them sorry I'm probably busy so thanks to all the people that follow me

hiya I'm a daughter of Poseidon and hunter of artimis so boys never cross me. im also a proud member of P.E.R.C.Y and the unimort cult.
1 of my many nicknames is Nyssa if u want u can call me that i dont mind. I'm not gonna give u guys a talk about my life but I am gonna say u mess with my friends u beta get running....I'm really sassy loyal and I'm a prankster if u Eva need some1 2 talk 2 I'm always there no matter what I'm a huge fan of pjo and hoo so yeah that's about it good bye
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