Well, I'm a non-labeled person and I love Spongebob. 

I ship about everything except insest because to me that's just wrong(not saying you have to agree with me)(if your in a relationship like this I wont hate you or dislike you.) Update:There are only a few insest that I dont mind like the Olympic Gods or Wizard and Witch families that arn't related for several generations but other than that it's to weird. (Also I don't consider step or adopted family members incest)

I'm weird and I dont really care what you do unless you get hurt then I'll laugh as soon as I know your alright.

I have to many animes so here's 5
Black Butler
Black Clover
Attack on titan
There are many more but I'm horrible at remembering

A lot of things depend on my mood so sometimes I like smut then I'll just want fluff and other stuff

Too many ships so 5
SebastianxCiel(this auto corrected to sensationalism😂)(Also it obvious who's who)
HinataxKageyama(Hinata=uke. Kageyama=seme.)

This is all
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