I'm all about Hard Work.

I come from a family of police officers and I know what dedication and HEART is.

I don't give up...simply not in my vocabulary.

If I see something I want, I go and get it.

I am uniqe and I am my own person.

I love to read and write, obviously.

I am a genuine and real person.

I can be VERY silly.

I am a total nerd.

I have one of the highest grade point averages in my class.

I am a movie fan.

I am a sports fanatic..basketball and football paticularly.

I LOVE music. Rap and pop are my two favorite genres.

I love romance, adventure, and humor books.

I consider myself a funny person :-)



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Spiderman and I: Our Secret is updated, finally!
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The Avengers Meet The XMen

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Description: Loki and Magneto, plan a war together to take on the world. Take over and Loki to become king of Asgard! Nick Fury wants to get the Xmen with the Avengers. To make them stronger because they need all the peopl...


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