I like reading and writing. I'm 18. Still on a journey of self discovery and Progress is s slow process

I'm man of few words
I come from a different world

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1.Abyss of lies
3.Evil lurking
4. Love conquers
5. Tears fell down
6. Birth: Revenge is sweet
7. Who am I?
8. My father's mistress(Not completed but still pending)
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Stories by GladwinMathebula
My father's mistress by GladwinMathebula
My father's mistress
Ryan turns up dead. He was murdered and his daughter's boyfriend becomes the police" number one suspect...
Evil Lurking by GladwinMathebula
Evil Lurking
Michael woke up to a knock of divorce papers on the door. His soon to be ex wife moved out of the house with...
Birth: Revenge is sweet by GladwinMathebula
Birth: Revenge is sweet
A couple move to a new town to start a family. However things take a drastic turn when a woman in the new to...
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