Since November 2007, Gino has been working on a book which has now become five separate books. 

The first two are “dating” books that he wrote between 2007-2008.

“The Jake Hollow's Guide on How to Persuade Women.”


“How to Deal with Emotions and the Life of a Motivational Speaker.”

His other remaining books which are under Gino DiCaprio by the title “The Universal Law of Creation” Chronicles.

They're Inspirational Spiritual equilibrium books he wrote between 2007 and 2010.

Prelude: Righteousness
Book I: Secrets and Laws of the Universe
Book II: Time is an Illusion
Book III: Illuminatis The Ones and The Shadows

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Gino was in prison for a crime he didn't commit when he wrote these books, and it took him over seven years to prove his innocence. For five years he fought outside while he was on house arrest (2003-2007), reporting on a weekly basis to the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mountain Police)... and for two and a half years (2007-2010) from outside his country in a U.S. Detention Facility, far from his loved ones in Quebec, Canada.

What he teaches, he practices, and has proven that it works.

The rest ... just ask.
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The Universal Law Of Creation ~ Prelude: Righteousness

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Description: A collection of personal prays written during a difficult time in my life. In an effort to survive a difficult time, Dovid Shimshon wrote these prayers as he made his way through a renewal of self. They are a...


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The Universal Law of Creation: Book 1 Secrets and Laws of the Universe

The Universal Law of Creation: Book 1 Secrets and Laws of the Universe

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