I-it's Lacy h-here
ʅ(◔౪◔ ) ʃ
I-I'm a ghost.. I was killed
while my b-brother made it out..
don't t-trust doctors..

Herro everyone, I'll tell you a little about my self.

I'm a girl

I'm 19 years old!

Love: vocaloid, anime, fnaf, and of course creepypasta

Personality: I'm shy at first but once I get comfortable around you I can be one of the most random, idiotic person you ever met.

I tell jokes (even though they're cheesy and lame) I RP a lot, I can be goofy at times and serious at other times.

I'm a happy person unless you piss me off then you're a dead person. I don't hate people unless they deserve it.

That is all good bye~
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