Hello, you lovely people of planet earth!

Although born in Austria, the only place I really call home is the Secret Love that lives inside my heart. This place is a kingdom in itself, although invisible.

Call me a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu, a Buddhist, a Jew - I am all of it and nothing at all, because I believe, there is a living God inside everyone of us. So my only church is an open heart, I am not very familiar with worshipping nationalities, labels or class systems.

I have been working professionally as a physiotherapist for more than twenty years and furthermore have been singing my songs. I wrote three books, shortstories and poems.

As a musician I am singing my stories, as a writer I do the same. I would like to make people smile, think twice and inspire them to find out, who they really are.

I feel connected with all the ones who are deeply in love with life itself and try to shelter it. Last but not least I am here to help to cancel patriarchy, won' t you join us?

And, by the way, thanks to Organistions as Greenpeace and the WWF.
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