Basically, we L O V E seeing spontaneous stories and we're exhausted from cliches, SO welcome to: GenreOverLoad!

We will write one story for each genre! Sounds impossible? Well, call us Kim Possible then! xD

However there's a twist: We will have any experienced or unexperienced author on Wattpad write their own chapter!


List of Genre's to tackle~

( ) Humor -I Befiggle
( ) Romance -Black and White
( ) Horror -Careful, I Bite
( ) Fantasy
( ) Mystery/Suspense
( ) Science Fiction
( ) Historical Fiction
( ) Poetry
( ) Teen Fiction
( ) Thriller
( ) Adventure
( ) Non-Teen Fiction
( ) Action
( ) Vampire
( ) Werewolf
( ) Fan Fiction
( ) Paranormal
( ) Spiritual
( ) Short Story
( ) Non-Fiction


People Owning Account (Golden Account)-

1) @KimFry
2) @ShiningLikeFireworks- caycay47@gmail.com
3) @aliSAURUS - aliSAURUSx@yahoo.com
4) @LittleAmy
5) @fran-is-a-writer
6) @niagiddings (edits about me, etc.)

These are the people who are in charge of the account and who will be in charge of taking care of each story.

Wow, can we handle it? Let's find out!!:D

Please contact us in ANY way possible to let me know if your interested!
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GenreOverLoad GenreOverLoad Jul 27, 2012 03:47PM
Okay, awesome! @KimFry 
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Featured work.

I Befiggle

Social data: 846 reads. 39 votes. 23 comments.

Description: "I Befiggle Swear" Those words became part of five girls' lives. Practically apart of their language. The Befiggle swear was sacred and if you broke it- you paid the price. It brought many laughs to...


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Audition for the Golden Account!

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