Salutations, I am just a teenager that hopefully doesn't scare the living shit out of Gerard Way.

Killjoy name: Electric Killer

I'm just some band trash.

I want mcr to come back.

I gave up my social life, wait, no my whole life for band members.

I'm married to Gerard Way and Frank Iero.

Josh isn't real.

I know things, remember?

Ryan was kneeling in the bathtub.

Dan and Phil buy hamsters ever month.

Dan killed Phil with electricity (shock fic - second book of the list)

I'm here for the fanfic, but I'll be making some as well :]

I'm becoming BTS trash :,)

Jimin has no jams

dance monster, not rap monster


Bias wrecker: All of them.

Jin is my eomma and Namjoon is my appa.

Sc: lindseychan3
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|| Murder || J.JK by GeesusHelpUs
|| Murder || J.JK
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|| Jin's Little Sister || M.Y.G. by GeesusHelpUs
|| Jin's Little Sister || M.Y.G.
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Fighting For My Love (On Hold) by GeesusHelpUs
Fighting For My Love (On Hold)
Y/n was living pure hell when her mother died and left her with her father. Now, he's in jail caused of drug...
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