I'm a Demiwizard. I'm the demigod daughter of Athena, but I'm in Hufflepuff. And if you judge me for my house, I'll break your arm. I love to read and write. People say I'm antisocial. I'm not. Im selectively social. 

Fandoms include:
•Percy Jackson
•Harry Potter
•The Flash
•The Avengers
•Miraculous Ladybug
•Young Justice
•(I'll think of more later)

The type of stories I write are girl power. I rarely write about a main character that's a guy. With captain America, Percy Jackson, and a few others in exception.

And Guys, I might not be the most helpful or creative of people, but I personally have a friend who went through depression. It is a horrible feeling, but you can't help it. Talk to people. Again, I might not be the best to talk to, but remember, there ARE people there for you. You don't have to do this alone. Sometimes, talking is the best solution.
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