You can find me here:

I'm a K-Popper, otaku/otome.
Can be weird, a shy personality but pretty crazy when I trust someone.
EXO(M & K) and BTS/Bangtan Boys/Bangtan Sonyeondan areLIFE.
I like to read a lot, mostly fiction and fantasy or werewolf stories.If you have one to indicate, go ahead!
Now... Some useful information:

-My name do not start with V, I just put that on the username 'cause of V/Taehyung aka my bias from BTS.

-I have a thing for the typical stories of: The Bad Boy and The Good Girl or Werewolf finding his Human mate or Werewolf mate from an enemy pack. Oh! I like vampires too, but not the sparkling ones(but I do like Stephanie Meyer's saga, I just can't get over the "diamond" skin).

-English isn't my first language, that would be Portuguese and I'm not fluent in English.

-I don't write stories in English because I have more grammatical errors than Loki has power.

-Loki rules. Thor is awesome. Tony Stark is badass.

-I like pandas(you can classify as Tao too) and aegyo.

Oh! And this quote is my new favourite:

"You are the shuckiest shuck-faced shuck there ever was" - Minho, Maze Runner by James Dashner

And there is this too(EXO-L will understand):

"Yehet!"- Oh Sehun(the diva you will never be)

"Kkaebsong~" - Byun Baekhyun(baby Bacon, mom of the Hyun Family)
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