Gayle has been writing Paranormal Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for five years and is enjoying every minute. She's currently writing a spinoff series of three books featuring Charlie, a character the reader meets in Caught Between, book #5. 

Book one in the Triad Series is called Breaking Out and is available everywhere for $0.99
Here's a brief synopsis:

Seventeen year old Charlie Cuvier is one of a kind. Part cheetah shapeshifter, fae and demon, his life has been far from what most supernatural species would consider normal. Because he's the main player in one of those end of the world prophesies, he's grown up in a protective bubble, guarded day and night by the fae, and home schooled by his parents. On the flip side, he's been exposed to danger beyond anyone's imagining, confronting the Queen and King of Faerie and an archdemon all within the span of a few days. No wonder he needs a vacation.
So what's next?

In Breaking Out, Charlie sets off with his best friend, Jay, a grizzly shapeshifter, excited to finally be making his own choices and following his own path. After taking time to rough it in the Sierras, he and Jay finally make it down to LA, where they figure they can enjoy some R & R of a more civilized kind. However, before long, they're forced to use magic to rescue a girl, only to find out she has some secrets of her own.

As the two friends try to handle this convoluted situation without endangering the human population or alerting them to the fact supernaturals live among them, they are being watched and followed by a dangerous being with an agenda all his own.

Gayle's happy to share her entire first ebook in the Rogues Shifter Series, Rebirth, with the Wattpad community. Rebirth is book one in a seven book series (Soon to be eight) You can find more information about the other books in her series at
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Charlie, a young male half shapeshifter/half fae, leaves home with his shapeshifter buddy, Jay, a grizzly. Together they travel across California on a magical adventure.
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