@Mychemicalmonster alright, I definitely will!!


@Blorange2 Thank you so much! I love hearing from the readers of my stories, and I'm honored that you love it so much. It means the world to me. And thank you, for dedicating a chapter of your story to me! Wow! I'll read it for sure. =)


A huge apology to the readers of How We Disappear. I'm on vacation, but will be back to writing and updating in around 2 weeks. Sorry, guys!


Just wanted to say thanks for writing Worth Living For. It actually made me cry.
          I dedicated the latest chapter of my new story I'm all alone to you. Hope you read it and like it!


@WendyParnham I'm doing okay. It's really really hard right now, but I feel that it'll get easier over time, so I've just got to be patient. Oh, I've been crying since I heard the news. It's just heartbreaking, and I can't believe it. I hope you're doing okay with all of this. Of course, I'd love to keep in touch. I'll be continuing to write Frerard fanfics on here though the band has broken, so I hope that you will continue reading them. Thank you. <3


Hey hon how are you doing?? I'm absolutely devastated!!!!! I can't believe it, I'm in shock & I'm pissed off!!! I hated the one little paragraph goodbye they gave, no explanation nothing!! :(
          I'm worried about a lot of the fans on the MCR site, some of them are sooo upset!! This band was everything to a lot of people!!! God I cried last night!!! 
          I hope your ok hon & let's keep in touch always ok?? I'll always be reading your wonderful fics as long as you keep writing them I promise!!! :)
          Talk soon!!!! <3


Hey guys. I know this is a really hard time for the MCR fan base, and I hope you all are doing okay. If anyone of you need someone to talk to, my wattpad, tumblr, and twitter are all open for you to vent. I wanted to let you guys know that the split will not be effecting my writing. I will continue to write MCR/Frerard fanfiction, because that's what I love writing most. Though the fact that they're splitting up might make it difficult for a while, I promise to continue writing Frerard fanfiction. And I hope that you guys will continue to read it. I, myself, am not coping with the split very well. I'll be back with new chapters of How We Disappear as soon as Jilli and I are emotionally stable enough to write about the guys again. I hope you guys are doing well, and I'm always here to talk. xo


@Gasoline_Sunshine No problem. Good stuff deserves to get commented on :) It's good you're back on! I, uh, didn't think you'd get my message. I am definitely up to reading it! Okay :D

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