So, I ended up not deleting  my account, because it played such a big role in my life. And because you guys played such a big role in my life. Anyway, love you all.


R.I.P Max I found this account when reading some fanfics and i am happy for you and that you are no longer suffering and are in a better place 


I Dont know you. And its sad what happened. No person should ever have to go through having Cancer. R.I.P Max. You will be missed by all who knew you and many who Dont. 


Hey. I don't know you, but I came across this page while I was scrolling through some stories. I don't know anything about your passing, I don't know when or why or how... But, I wanted you to know that so many people are thinking about you, Max. And I hope you're thinking about them, wherever you are. Whether you're up among the stars, or trapped underneath our feet, or hanging out in Heaven. I don't really know what to say, but to anyone who sees this: I support you. I love you. If you're struggling, please talk to someone you trust.
          I hope this doesn't come across as disrespectful, considering I don't know you, but I think everyone should pay their respects to anyone they stumble upon who has passed. Have fun. wherever you may be, Max.
          Sincerely, Riley.


this message may be offensive
Dude...Just...shit. How? I knew you. You and I have been friends for years. Never fucking mind that, we've been good friends since like age 3 or 4 dude. Shit, Max...I fucking miss you. Having to go through Christmas without you. For a second time...really fucking blows. I remember when I knew about your cancer. I was so surprised, but I loved you still. I'm glad you're now in a better place. I'm sorry my friendship didn't have much to offer. I wasn't there for you as much as I could have been. It wasn't because I hated you, God no, it was because...well, this sounds so fucking selfish. I was busy. Yep. That's my stupid fucking idiotic excuse. That I was just fucking busy. That my younger self was too busy to see her best friend. Who WAS dying of cancer. When I found out you actually committed suicide...I..I crumbled. My life fell apart. I remember falling in the floor, screaming. My mum...all she could do was send her condolences and pat me on the back and comfort me until I calmed down. All I remember thinking was 'why the fuck didn't I do anything? I never fucking asked her about anything like this. What if she sent signals that I was too fucking stupid to get? What is she died...hating me? Despising me? Shit. Shit. She probably did.' And to this day, I feel selfish for not helping you as much as I could've. Well, Max...have fun up there. I hope you're enjoying up there more than you enjoyed down on this miserable earth. I..this'll probably be my last visit to this account. I...I just cant. I don't like to visit this page, it reminds me of my fucking stupid younger self. It reminds me of good memories, but they hurt too much. Jesus. All im going to say is...Max, thank you so, so, so fucking much for agreeing to be friends with a snot-nosed toddler all those years ago. You improved my life in so many ways. I hope I enlightened yours- even just a little. Good bye Max, for real this time. I love you, my amazing, talented, beautiful friend. 


Oh my God..
          I just found out what happened and am nearly crying.
          Wow. All I can say really is, value your life.
          And what ever life throws at you, throw something back.
          I never knew Max but all I can say is I bet she was an amazing person.
          I hope whatever is after life is treating you the way you should be.
          R.I.P Max~ ❤❤


I was reading a fanfic, and the author was talking about Max, and I was gonna try and be motivational, but I didn't realize that she passed... Now I'm sad... I never got to meet her or talk to her, and I'm reading all these posts about how much people miss her, and how amazing she was, and I just want to say I'm sorry to everyone who lost an important part of themselves when they lost her. R.I.P.
          - Fran