Just another nomadic, multi-genre author foolishly chasing dreams of fulfillment through creativity. Survived a violent and insane childhood, wandered through twenty-two states in eleven years while homeless, went straight and narrow in Middle America, settled down in Washington. Trying to figure out this whole life thing and enjoying almost every moment of it.

Downtime hobbies include video games, martial arts, self-improvement, reading, and pretending to live in other universes. I figure I've spent enough time in darkness and anger, I'd rather spend the rest of my life trying to be happy. Detractors and haters keep me going.
  • Moses Lake, Washington
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Stories by Avery K. Tingle
The Appraiser by GamerAuthor
The Appraiser Fantasy
He Will Decide Your Worth.
The Adventures of Brandon, The Oblivious Teenager by GamerAuthor
The Adventures of Brandon, The Oblivious Teenager Random
A well-meaning but immature father gains custody of his goodhearted but oblivious teenage son. Joined by a superhumanly patient wife and stepmother, utter calamity ensues.
The Observer Of Fated Retribution by GamerAuthor
The Observer Of Fated Retribution Fanfiction
A hole opens between dimensions, allowing the passage of one of the universe's deadliest fighters. His appearance in a world on the brink of chaos inspires the Observer to chronicle the events of this world, from t...