Have you ever been scared that someone wouldn't like your stories or leave bad comments on them? I don't know how you feel at the moment but I will say that you should ignore the negativity and keep progressing into your story. Even if people don't read it. You're writing for a passion that you have, not for attention.

Be yourself and don't let anyone tell you different...I don't know if someone else quoted that but whatever.

(σˋ▽ˊ)σ I gots me guns
Don't know why I did that but who gives a shit right?

Okay I don't know why but the grammar and punctuation mistakes are making me so freaking mad. First of all it's not me and so-and-so it's actually the opposite and if you're an author saying that your story has a bunch of grammar mistakes then why don't you go back and FIX THEM before posting the chapter! If you have a lot of grammar mistakes then I won't read your story but if you have only a couple then I'll give the story a chance.

Secondly, when one of your characters are going to talk you do not put a space between the quotation marks and the words! That looks stupid and retarded. Same goes toward the commas and periods.

Thirdly, make sure that you have multiple paragraphs because if you have those long as hell paragraphs it might push readers away.

Finally, when a different person is about to speak, who's different from the person speaking, indent. That means go down one two spaces. Like I said before, it'll look stupid if you've got those long paragraphs that have no indents. Don't put a bajillion indents to make the chapter look longer either.

You have no idea how mad I get sometimes when I see that shit TO SAY THIS BEATS ME!
Some of you authors seriously need to learn your grammar and punctuation because this is redonkeylous. Some stories are really great but if you have terrible grammar and punctuation then ain't nobody gonna read it. Learn it.

Don't be cliche, make your book special.
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I've looked at the messages I've posted and saw that the word stupid has been used a lot. I'm so sorry if this has insulted you, I regret using that word. I am sorry once again.
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