*cue dramatic music*
I was born in the magical realm of narnia but unfortunetly my world was under attack so I was sent to earth with my magical dragon and talking Teddy bear they guide me throughout this world where apparently people think skin color sets you above others or something as simple as gender.
While I was born with people with wings others with horns and the occasional mermaid, there was even this demonic pink girl named fusia she was pretty cool.
But oh well....
I miss my home and am looking for a way back. But I am stuck here, 4 kids entered through the portal I planted in a closet(I could of sworn no one would notice it there) and I cannot go back until they arrive back here so.... Let's have some fun.
*stop epic music*

BUT considering that most of that was bull. 😂😅😂
I am a person with skin and bones that happens to be suffering from studies
simple.done.gone. goodbyes.
I'm terrible 😂
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