•[ Hello, welcome to my bio! ]•

Now playing: Damaged - Post Malone, ft XXXTENTACION
- Name: GalaxyQuartz
- Nickname: Xal, Galaxy, Quartz, Laxy, Ala, Gal
- Zodiac: Gemini
- Birthday: May 28
- Age: 14-18
- Gender: Female
- Sexuality: Demisexual
- Status: Lurking
- Race: African - American / Native American
- Fandoms: MHA, Steven Universe, FNAF, MLP, Seven Deadly Sins, BTS, Pokemon, Attack on Titans, Tokyo Ghoul, Marvel
- Roleplay Literacy: Semi - Literate, Literate
- Likes: Roleplaying, Writing, Drawing, ranting
- Media: Kik, Discord, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, Skype
-Relationship Status: Single
-Kik: Xx_SuicidalCloset_xX, XGalacticDreamurrX, ._StarStone_., Xx_GalacticDreamurr_xX, GalaxyQuartz78
-Discord: GalaxyQuartz#9901
-Instagram: Only for Friends.
-SnapChat: Only for Friends.
-Twitter; @quartz_galaxy
-Skype: GalaxyQuartz
-Phone number: Only for Friends.
×[Roleplay/Writing Status]×
- I'm currently open to roleplay, as said in my bio, I'm semi-literate to literate or just borderline advanced, but I will try to roleplay the same literacy ad my given partner at the time. I have over 600 OCs, 57of them, humans, the rest being a mix of mythical and animals. Please don't come into my PMs asking for nothing but an ERP (Erotic Roleplay). If you do, come with a plot.
- I'm currently taking a break from writing as a whole, People have just been asking me privately to write their stories [Which I don't mind] but it's just when you claim it as your own I get irritated, to avoid this I've stopped writing as while temporarily.
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