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What to tell? I'm a cosmetologist-in-training, a dancer, and an artist. Basically, if it's art or a sport I've probably done it. I've been writing for as long as I can remember, though, and it's my true passion.
PRONOUNS: She/her or they/them; I don't really care as long as you know I'm not a guy.
SEXUALITY: Who knows? Who cares?
AGE: Neither five nor fifty.
She was odd-looking. Not ugly, and certainly not pretty. To some people, she might be striking; to others, she was merely an oddity. Mint and peach bangs did little to hide her large forehead, and her wide-set blue eyes peered out from under thick eyelashes. Her short hair and relatively flat chest gave rise to murmurs that perhaps she was a he; others proclaimed that she must be a girl from the small amounts of makeup she wore. The two opposing sides had debates over her gender when they thought they were out of her earshot, but could only come to agreement on one thing: that she was odd.
They were right about that.
THINGS I WRITE ABOUT: mental illness, LGBT characters, unusual relationship dynamics, slow-burn romances, hurt/comfort storylines, fluff, psychopathy, murder, cutesy things, kittens, death, addictions, evil, and love
THINGS I DO NOT WRITE ABOUT: erotica (or even smut really), things that fetishize people, things that trivialize mental illness
Feel free to talk to me about almost anything--I am very social and rarely bite (unless you really get on my nerves).
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