Hello! I'm your boring average teenager, who needs motivation and unprecedented inspiration.

Facts about thee:


0. Am I a guy or a girl? you guess. ;)
1.I'm a demiromantic bisexual.
2.I'm a full blown eccentric.
3.I'm extremely introverted but very outgoing with a bunch of people.
4. I love foreign studies like history, fine arts, and anthropology.
5. I'm multilingual, I speak British (Queen's),French, Italian, Spanish etc.
6. I'm a huge weeb.
7. I write poems, and is a poet.
8. I'm into baroque music.
9.I love travelling.
10. I'm a top honor student. (not to brag.)
11. I like Science, Math, History, and Literature.
12. I am a CESSPOOL of mental disabilities.
13. A certified little monster.
14. I play the piano, harphsicord, and the violin.
15. I'm 15.
16. A food lover.
17. I adore horror and action movies.
18. I play Identity V
19. My birthday is August 2, 2006.
20. I'm a Leo.
21. Both lazy and hardworking.
22. I like all kinds of music.
23. I play soccer and chess.
24. I love rain.
25. My favorite song is: Disturbia
26. My favorite music piece is Corrette: "Concerto Comique" No. 25 in G Minor "Les Sauvages et la Furstemberg" 1.Les Sauvages-Allegro.
27. I'm nocturnal, active at night.
28. Very shy.
29. I love videogames.
30. Eldest amongst my two brothers.
31. I love astrology, especially the moon.
32. I'm really sensitive both emotionally and physically. ;)
33. I can sing, dance and paint.
34. I'm a huge bookworm.
35. I prefer tea.
36. I adore Vivaldi so so so much.
37. Always horny.

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GWORLWHAT- GWORLWHAT- May 16, 2021 09:13AM
I just read "The Song of Achilles" it broke the shit out of me, now I can't function properly bye-
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