Hidy-Ho there fellow writing enthusiasts!! I am the account called FunkyFabulousAndFly, but you can call me La La if you want ;) I am new to this whole online posting stuff, so please excuse my inevitable screw-ups. I've never been good with schedules, so if you are interested in any of my stories, please don't be shy to tell me to get a move on, because knowing me, I would probably forget about it entirely (though preferably without harsh language, cause that I want everyone to feel safe here, and a lot of people get scared off when people start cussing :) I do mostly original pieces, though there might be a few fanfictions sprinkled in later on. Much love and affection from a wandering writer, I wish all of you well on your travels, and hope you have a fantastic day!
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A collection of a whole bunch of random crap that has escaped my mind palace, and somehow made it into the ph...