Okay, first of all, I'm not supposed to tell my name. Let's keep it with Fumise Love, shall we? I'm a college student whose head is full om imaginations but doesn't write until I can find a inspiration. 

I like including some mature scenes in my stories. It is very exciting to have these scenes in my stories.

Here are all the stories that I posted and will soon to be posted. This stories are independent and you can read it in no particular order.

The BLISH Tales

1. Being Nasty (Completed)
2. Living with Guys (Completed)
3. Harkins Academy (Completed)
4. I Don't Like Old Guys (On-Going) A story about Chad, the house owner in Living with Guys
5. Sex Slave (On-Going) A story about Dave Philips, (Gabriel's brother in Living with Guys)

I am indeed going to make a fan-fiction about One Direction and I already planned the plot line of each story. Believe it or not, I have a notebook that contains all the ideas of everything that I'm going to write. I'm not going to post the title yet even though it's already done. It's for you know, copyright something and stuff.

One Direction Series:

Book One : Bad Girl Meets Not-So-Bad Boy (Zayn Malik) ON-GOING
Book Two: Louis Tomlinson
Book Three: Harry Styles
Book Four: Niall Horan
Book Five: Liam Payne

Extra Book: Ed Sheeran

The LOCKS Series

Book One: The Messed-Up Street Dancer (On-Going)

Please do keep in mind that I only post three stories at a time. If one comes to an end, I'll post a new one.

Please do like this cosplay page of mine: Cosplayer here!

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Sex Slave

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Description: 18+/ Mature Scenes : Read at your own risk "What Dave and I have isn't something special. He just sees me as a toy that he can easily overuse and throw away." Brittany Jackson is a normal girl wit...


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