I am in love with your stories nwn it’d be really cool to do some kind of roleplay with you since your stories are so amazing nwn


Omg I am absolutely addicted to the darkiplier smut series!! I read them all in like a week. Cannot wait until the next chapter comes out, you are a rockstar! 


Hey there, a friend and I do a podcast called Fictitious & Delicious where we read fan fictions, and I was wondering if you'd be okay with me reading your Markiplier Smuts story!


I am in love with your markiplier x readers/stories. You have real talent... Ive read a lot of these and you are by far the best!!! The way you wrote is amazing... I will admit... I got a little... Well a lot turned on imagining Mark touching and doing and saying all those things to me!!! Keep up the good work... Haveng really read any of your darkiplier stories.... But ill be on to that next! 
          Have you thought about writing Draco Malfroy or Kluas/Elijah Mikaelson smuts/stories?!!