I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good.
Hello there! Yes you! Welcome to my profile!

First, I love anything to do with Dreamixney, you know, the lot...

I also ADORE Once Upon A Time. Seriously, best tv show ever! So... if you haven't heard of it, go watch it! Right now! I'm not kidding, I will hunt you down and force you to watch it! Only joking, hehe. But really, the casting for the fairytale characters is unbelievably accurate. Literally, the people acting the part really look like their character, it's quite scary actually.

I am a true Potterhead. Yeah, crazy fangirl over here! I love everything about it, so if you don't love Harry Potter, I am not your friend. Really, I mean it. Come on, what isn't there to like!? I'm truly obsessed and I wish I had powers. Sometimes I think I do, but shh! Don't tell anyone I told you!

Little extra about me:
I'm Gryffindor through and through yet I feel like I have characteristics of the other houses so no hate!
My nickname is Snow White because I have the palest skin ever (honestly I have to be cousins with Jack Frost) and very dark, short hair!
I do martial arts and archery! Therefore, I like to believe I descend from Herondales (TMI fans you get me)
I love the group BTS please check them out on YouTube, they will change your life! (Side note: They're a K-Pop group and I am obviously not Korean so I understand nothing they are saying but English Subs are lifeeeee and so are they)
Hmm I can't really think of much else to say... but if I do, I'll mention it here!

I feel that reading and writing are ways to escape into your imagination, which, in my opinion, is good for anyone - that's why I love this site!
If anyone has read this, thank you for reading it all! It means a lot... it does!
If you've any questions or want to recommend books, please let me know!

Mischief Managed.
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