Alors, call me Priscilla-Ann Marceau. 
I love to write.
I love to read.
I love to draw.
I love art (I'll make you a cover if you ask).
I love music
I love my fans/followers (YOU ALL ARE AMAZING BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE).
So much love.
English isn't my first language.
My native tongue is French, but I speak mostly English.
I would like to be a Neurologist and maybe an Author.
I sometimes take a leave of absence without explanation and don't come back 'til months later (sorry).
I am 5'3, but on good days I can be 5'4.
Check out my blog: iammoi.weebly.com !
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When Karma Comes Knocking

Social data: 137K reads. 2.3K votes. 294 comments.

Description: WORKING ON FINISHING AND PUBLISHING REST OF STORY, but feel free to continue reading! As an overweight child Vanessa Hatty was always teased for her plus-sized figure, and because of that she wasn't much of a social butterfly. With only Page Jackso...

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Oblivious [A Naruto Fan-Fict] Quick Updates

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Weapon X

Weapon X

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