Who am I?

I am two people. In this world I am mr. average, who works at a job that is just a job, shops, eats, sleeps, then does it all over again. I intergrate seemlesly within the vast sea of people that I swim with every day. The other me is quite different. The other me is a God...
I am creator of universes. A manipluator of lives and of loves. I forge adventures and pain, laced with anguish, triumph and revenge in equal measure. I have conceived worlds with a multitude of races, full of heroes and villains, terrors and glories, and I am master of all.
I mould my children who start as nothing but a collection of words on paper. As the pages turn they grow. Personalities emerge along with their histories. They travel in vastly different worlds than mine but we are inexorably linked. I give them breath as I bring them into existence from the womb of my mind. As they are born at my hand, do they know?
Am I seen as their God? Do they prey to me when they live out my stories, at the foot of their beds the night before an impending doom or victory, as we pray to our own gods that write our own stories?
Some will stand, some will fall. Empires will rise and, inevitably crumble too. At the end of it all, and after everything has been said and done and the last word goes down, they stay with me, as tangible as flesh and blood, moreso sometimes. I know who they are, what they think and feel, but they surprise me constantly. Some of my choices I make for them are unexpected. Am I really making their stories up? Am I just a conduit to tell the tales that have actually happened in a corner of the universe?
Maybe I am not the creator but just the narrator. Whatever the truth, the worlds I write of exist in some type of form. They are made up and begin with a thought, and a thought exists in our minds. our minds are real and have mass. The contents of mass means it has physical being and is alive.
Real or not, lets explore the universe....
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Chapters 24 and 25 of The Shadow Setters Book 2 Kin have been published. More to follow soon....
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