So it worked wohooo.. I'm soo lemme take this moment to thank my friend Jade for the beautiful new cover of Till Death Part us Not.. 
          	Guyss the update is gonna be soon.. are you ready????
          	I am :))))


@FredaDanful1 You're welcome!!❤❤


Hello angels❤️
          Today is when I'll be updating Till Death Part Us Not.. there's gonna be a flashback.. check it out and find out more about Ashley and Kerry's past before they went into the underworld..
          Now to the bad news :((
          I have a problem !!
          I'm trying to change the  cover of Till Death Part Us Not and it doesn't wanna change.. I've tried several times but still
          Lemme restart my phone and see if it works then..
          How's everyone doing ??
          Good? Meh? Okay? Bad? Perfect?
          Choose your pick :)


Hi angels ✨:)
          Good morning
          So I'm sorry for not updating Till Death Part Us Not  for like some days now.. School work's been occupying my time but I guarantee u that next update is gonna be soon.. either today or tomorrow.. have fun and stay blessed..
          Freda loves you❤️❤️❤️
          God loves you more❤️❤️❤️


Hi! I am your judge for the Rosey awards and it looks like you unfollowed me but according to the rules I can’t take your book in count if you don’t follow me


@Tris_333 oh sorry.. I'm sure when i was doing the follow check and it happened.. sorry about that.. I'll follow right now


          Nigeria is in crisis.. people are dying..
          Your prayers are needed..
          Pls help them.. #sarsmustend #buharimustgo #blacklivesmatter #Nigerianlivesmatter ..
          It's serious!! It's not a joke.. 
          Pls don't just post pls pray 
          Thank you
          Good morning


@FredaDanful1 soo disgusting !!!!


@FredaDanful1 God help Nigeria!


@FredaDanful1 ikr
            I'm not even in Lagos, I'm at Osun
            But what I hear everydday makes me want to cry